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Patty, Viking lord of the north

Another Sociopath with a DSLR

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The name is Patricia Alexandra Talamo, Born 1-17-1995 to a German-American family. I'm very interested in Lolita and other assorted fashion styles basing in Japan such as Mori and Fairy Kei. Along with this, I also love fashion in general. I hope to attend the Fashion institute of Technology for Fashion design once I'm eligible (this being after I do two years of community college. It's a lot cheaper to transfer TT^TT") I'm currently jobless, searching like a hound though. I've worked at the theater in my highschool for many years as a sound technician and designer.
Musically, I'm into everything. I listen to almost every genre there is, no exception! My favorite bands/groups are: Amon Amarth, Gorillaz, Regina Spektor, and VersaEmerge.

I absolutely love meeting and talking to new people so feel free to talk with me :D.